Filters Explained

There are many different types of filters available to photographers, some of these have very practical applications and when used correctly can completely transform your image into a unique and creative piece of work. When buying filters it is important that you know what diameter your lens is, look for this symbol:  along with this a number and millimeters i.e. ⌀52mm ⌀ 58mm and so on. As filters go directly onto your lens, they can often effect the image quality, so it is best not to buy “bargain” filters, unless you know what you are looking for.

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UV Filters

Overview: These clear filters are common and easy to find in most camera shops. UV filters are no longer used for there “UV filtering properties”, as modern digital cameras have one built into the sensor, however these are still often used as lens protectors.

Pros: Protects front of lens

Cons: Can interfere with image quality and produce colour casts

Price Range: €5-€100

Reliable Brands: Cokin, Kenko, Hoya, Lee and Nisi,

Tips: Don’t buy the cheapest filter you come across, especially if using expensive lenses or lenses that are not a kit lens. Instead buy something mid range, or buy a lens protection filter.

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Circular Polarizing Filter

Overview: A circular polarizing filter is another common filter and is sometimes called a “CP ” Or “Circ Pol” filter. it is one of the few filters that cannot be replicated in post processing. These filters have a myriad of uses including removing reflections from water and glass and saturating colours, to name a few. They are one of the few filters that no travel or landscape photographer can do without. You can see how to use one here

Pros: Reduces glare, reduces reflections, saturates colours, compensates for dust and pollen in the air for sharper shots

Cons: Can consume up to 1.5 stops of light

Price Range: €25-€250

Reliable Brands: Cokin, Kenko, Hoya, Lee and Nisi,

Tips: When buying a CP Filter look for a filter with thin rings to reduce darkening around the edge of the lens.

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ND (Neutral Density) Filters

Overview:  ND filters are used to create long exposures like misty water or other motion blur. these filters act like sunglasses they literately are just a dark piece of glass that restrict light entering the lens forcing a slower shutter speed. These lenses come in different “Densities” that will allow more or less light entering the lens.

Pros: can be used to create fantastic effects

Cons: can only be used on a tripod or with very fast lens in very unique circumstances.

Price Range: €25 – €250

Reliable Brands: cokin, kenko, hoya, lee, nisi,

Tips: When buying ND filters try to go with something mid range in terms of density ie 4 stops. Also do not go with the cheapest option as often the glass will produce a colour cast.

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ND GRAD (Neutral Density Graduated) Filter

Overview: Just like the ND filters, ND Grad filters literately are just a dark piece of glass that restrict light entering the lens, but instead of darkening down the whole scene they just make the sky darker allowing you to create stunning landscapes. the nd grad filters are one of the most important pieces of kit in a landscape or travel Photographers bag. see how to use one here

Pros:  essential for landscape and travel photography

Cons: fragile, scratch easily and time consuming to set up.

Price Range: €25-€500

Reliable Brands: cokin, lee, nisi,

Tips: When buying these filters, have a look at picking up a system instead of a screw in filter, as these will allow you to bundle your options and save money, and have a system that can fit multiple lenses.

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Filter Systems

Overview: Most of the filters we a have dicussed so far are called screw in filters, in that they screw in to the front of the lense, however another type of filter is a the attachment or slide in filter. these are used in system, they come in three parts, the ring, the holder and the filter. and are incredible versatile and a must for any travel or landscape photographer

Pros: fits many lenses not just one, by changing the filter ring, allows you bundle purchases, flexible and replacements and attachements are easy to find.

Cons: bulky and often not easy to use handheld

Price Range: €55-€500

Reliable Brands: Cokin, Lee, Nisi

 Tips: When Buying a filter set dont rush out buying the most expensive set, as they are often like a first car, they will end up scratched and battered while learning to handle and use them.