Camera Remotes Explained

There are many different types and brands of camera remotes on the market available to the photographer.  when buying remotes it is important to remember that keeping it simple is often the best option. First lets talk about what a remote is used for? most of the time remotes are used for two simple purposes  – 1. is that they stop “camera shake” which will often result in a  blurry image, 2. they are used for creating long exposures like shooting cityscapes at night, crating misty water, star trails and a host of other creative effects.

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Wired Camera Remote

Overview: Wired remotes are prehaps the simplest and most reliable option for most users, they are very simple one button devices, they also have very little to go wrong with them . as they are such simple devices they tend to be cheaper than other sorts are highly recommended by DPS.

Pros: Cheap, Easy to Use, Reliable

Cons: Lack advanced features, not all cameras have a wired connection port.

Price Range: €5-€75

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Wireless Camera Remote

Overview: Wireless remotes allow for even more stability than a wired remote as they have no physical connection to the camera. however they require batteries and there can be compatibility issues and are a little more complicated than wired remotes.

Pros: stability, extra features

Cons: connectivity issues, not always simple to use and set up

Price Range: €25-€115

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Smartphone Remote Apps

Overview:as cameras become more and more advanced so too does the ability to control them. in recent years camera manufactors are producing more and more apps to use with cameras.

Pros: often free, and as they are on your phone they are always with you.

Cons: connectivity issues, battery life on phone can be severely effected and limits shooting time.

Price Range: Free-€15

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Interval Remote

Overview: a interval remote can be used like a regular remote but has many more additional features like time delay, and can be programmed to take shots in different intervals during the day. they are used mainly for astro photography and time-lapse photography.

Pros: allows you additional creative options

Cons: additional options are used in specific circumstances, can be difficult to use as a beginner, battery life, connectivity issues.

Price Range: €25-€115