Accessories  Explained

There are so many different photography accessories on the market, some useful and good quality, some are just gimmicks, and some are just plain junk. Here are some of the more useful photography accessories that are worth having, as they offer additional features or security to your equipment.

lens cloth - best camera accesories for travel

Lens Cloth

Overview: A lens cloth is essential for keeping your camera lenses and filters clean and dust free. It is a vital part of any photographers kit.

Price Range: €1 – €15

memory card Case- best camera accesories for travel

Memory Card Case

Overview: Memory card cases are a safe place for storing your cards and keeping them secure in a dust and moisture free environment. As cards are getting smaller all the time, having a dedicated case stops them from going missing.

Price Range: €5 – €50

buy spirt levels for camera ireland

Spirit Level

Overview: Spirit levels are used to keep your camera level while it is on a tripod. This may not seem like a big deal, however, without it, it can often mean excessive cropping and straightening later to correct it in post processing. Many cameras now have a built in level, so check your camera guide before you buy.

Price Range: €5 – €25